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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Whitworth Lecture - Wu Chi-Tsung

This was the first in this years series of lectures by guest artists at the Whitworth Art Gallery and it didn't dissapoint.

Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung, currently the resident artist at the Chinese Arts Centre, spoke about his work, both past and present. His background in art was steeped in Eastern tradition, including calligraphy and ink drawing, this artist was eager to investigate the world where painting influences the use of digital media and create new inspired works.

Breathe - Wu Chi-tsung
Wire ii

His series of work entitled "Wire" used light projected the a wire mesh experimanting with movement/ speed/ focal length, to change the way that an object can be viewed. The artist states that:

"Very small changes can open a totally different world"

His fascination with light and how it can alter the way that objects and landscapes appear is a common theme through-out Wu Chi-Tsungs work; as in his "Longtime Exposed Landscape" from 2004, where his work showes how the natural light changed the very view from his studio window; to his more recent work "Crystal City" where he has contsructed a city scape out of clear plastic material and has a light source travelling back and forth on a track, casting a constantly changing shadow on the studio walls.

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