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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"Masks" - Shooting the Film

Artists - Pete Kingsford / Thom Thatcher / Andrea De La Rubia

With the story board drawn up, all the masks made and the final facial designs agreed, it was time to shoot the film.

With a mini D.V recordre hired, we sat down and decided what order we woild shoot the scenes in. We had a limited amount of time (1 day) and it was important the we got the order correct so that we shot as much as we could in each location and didn't have to backtrack to re-do things.

It was important to us that all the outdoor shots in particular were shot on the same day; weather conditions being as they are in Manchester, it could be a long time before we saw another clear and sunny day. Aalso on our minds was the dead line for showing our work and we wanted to give ourselves as long as possible to edit the footage.

Morning in the house, choosing a mask to face the world.

The mask to work in.

Walking through the park.

We found that a major challanege was trying to avoid the appearance of too many other people in the frames. We were trying very hard to emphasise the solitude of the character in this piece; so with this all being shot close to the city centre, this meant waiting around for the right moment and then getting the shot done.

I think that, had we much longer to film this work, we may have done things differently. We could have spent (potentially), hours on each scene; filming in both several different locations and from different angles, so that when it came to editing which more material to choose from, not only for one piece to show but maybe the chance to produce a series of work showing the same scenario, from different view points. 

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