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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shelter Project - "Masks" Film

Artists: Peter Kingsford / Thom Thatcher / Andrea De La Rubia

I think that following the initial brainstorming session for this project, the three of us were already sold on the idea of producing a piece of work on film.

The idea of looking at the the different personas that people use in diffrent situations and showing this as physical masks, we agreed was going to be presented most effectively as a performance or story told on film.

Original story board for "Masks"

The initial story / idea came together quite quickly. We wanted to show a normal, fairly non-desript day in the life of an unidentified character. From the start of the day; the journey to work; the events of the working day and back again. The importnat thing was how the mask (the face shown to the world), changed as things affected the character and as with all of us did not always show what was really going on in mind of the individual.

We had our story board and had set ourselves various tasks, designing mask (Andrea and myself), location hunting (Thom) and then with time quickly dissapearing we would have to start filming.

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