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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Liverpool Biennial

Although I am going to offer some kind of review, concentrating on one or more artists, I thought that the trip as a whole had to be commented on.

We had part of one day to try and take in as much as is humanly possible (excluding the Tate), of the Biennial exhibition. Looking back now this sounds like some kind of record breaking challenge rather than an educational trip. There are 18 locations highlighted on the tour map, some of which we knew from the outset were just not achievable, but some we deffinately had to see.

I and several colleagues managed to get around the following in something of a whistle stop tour:

52 Renshaw Street; FACT, The Black-E; Europleasure / Scandinavian Hotel; A Foundation Liverpool / Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Contemporary Urban Centre / City States.

Although there were probably some extremely noteable works on show throughout the exhibition, but the speed at which we had to try and take them in made it almost impossible to concentrate on any of them for long enough to really take them in and give them the attention that they deserved.

For me the inevitable highlight of the trip was at Crosby beach where I finally got to see a work by one of my favoutite artists: Another Place by Antony Gormley.

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