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Monday, 30 November 2009

The First Essay

Part 1: 1000 words on a picture or picture of an object.

My selected picture is of the statue of Eric Morecambe situated in the seaside resort of Morecambe.

Image taken from : www.visitnorthwest.com/morecambe/map.htm

It has taken me some considerable time to generate just under 1000 words for this essay so far (as I am sure there is still some editing to do), carrying out research across web sites that refer to the statue and where it is sited; and also reading relevant material. For the most part I have been using the book "Practices of Looking" by Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright, which has provide me with some fantastic material regarding how and why we view things the way that we do.

Part 2: Seven further images that when displayed with the original, form a visual narrative, plus a further 500 words explaining the selection and any link they have.

I have selected my images as follows:

The statue of Liberty; Nelsons Column; A Greek Statue of a Discuss thrower; The Angel of the North; Another Place; Another place - Lancashire Style (Using the Eric Morecambe Statue) and The Easter Island Statues.

The 500 words have yet to be written and the dead line is the 14/12/09.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Interactice Arts Project

This week I came up with an idea to utilize the ever growing popularity of social web sites, Facebook, Myspace and Bebo.

The introduction on the front page reads as follows:

This is only the begining?

The idea is to get artwork on-line and viewable to like minded people and to get feedback from people involved in the same world as you!

The aim is to get this group up and running on as many social sites as possible to reach the widest audience possible and make it a piece of Interactive Art in its own right.
The link is:
We have 38 members so far (after only a couple of days), and I hope it keeps on growing and growing and we get some great art work on there.

The Food Project Continues

After tryibg to generate new ideas for my food project, I've found myslef re-visiting an idea I had while on foundation, "The Bean Sculpture"

Bean sculpture 2009

I have during my brainstorming session, wrote down investigating what food consisits of, how it is made, artificialy and in nature; its "building blocks" the molecules that make its very fabric.

My idea then turned to flipping this around and actually using food as building material.

My first approach was to take (a very kindly donated) action figure and completely cover it in types of beans.

I have taken the idea further now by looking at other food stuff commonly found in my kitchen.

at first I carried on with the idea of uniform shapes for building and spent some time working with cerials, covering things with them or building shapes. I then looked beyond this and thought about creating things that we use in daily life out of food.

"The bread mug "

Using two slices of bread that I flattened, I created the shape and painted with P.V.A, to harden and waterproof. I added stitch work to emulate the leather tankards that may have been used by our ancestors.