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Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Food Project Continues

After tryibg to generate new ideas for my food project, I've found myslef re-visiting an idea I had while on foundation, "The Bean Sculpture"

Bean sculpture 2009

I have during my brainstorming session, wrote down investigating what food consisits of, how it is made, artificialy and in nature; its "building blocks" the molecules that make its very fabric.

My idea then turned to flipping this around and actually using food as building material.

My first approach was to take (a very kindly donated) action figure and completely cover it in types of beans.

I have taken the idea further now by looking at other food stuff commonly found in my kitchen.

at first I carried on with the idea of uniform shapes for building and spent some time working with cerials, covering things with them or building shapes. I then looked beyond this and thought about creating things that we use in daily life out of food.

"The bread mug "

Using two slices of bread that I flattened, I created the shape and painted with P.V.A, to harden and waterproof. I added stitch work to emulate the leather tankards that may have been used by our ancestors.

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