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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Site Project

I wanted to continue with my exploration into the way that we present ourselves to the world; the face we allow those around us to see, irrespective of the way we may actually feel.

Previously I have used masks that have been manufactured, to represent various emotions and physically hidden the identity of the wearer and created a barrier between the individuals’ expressions and the world around them. With this project I wanted to give a larger number of people the opportunity to show those they encountered in their daily activities the same emotion as everyone else who agreed to take part – a happy face.

The method that I came up with to do this was a simple one, hand out smiley stickers. So on the morning of 18/01/2011 armed with a large quantity of sparkling, vary sized smiley emoticon stickers, I walked around the All Saints Campus of Manchester Metropolitan University and asked people if they would like to take part in my project and I’m happy to say approximately 140 of those I approached agreed to do so.

I wanted to have two different facets of this project, static participants, those who lots of people would encounter throughout the day due to the nature of their work, reception staff, site employees and faculty members and the mobile ever changing populous of the campus – the students.