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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blank Media - Creative Transit

Aiming for a slot in March 2011, the hard working guys involved in the organisation of the "creative Transit Exhibition" at Blank Media finally managed to get an artist statement out of me to accompany the work that I intend to show:

Artist statement

Using painting, sculpture and photography and quite often combinations of these, Pete utilises various media to explore the world we don’t see; take for granted and sometimes would rather not think about.

He is currently looking at how we present ourselves to the world compared to how the world sees us. The face that we show to the world can be perceived as a mask, it is quite often completely disconnected from how we are truly thinking and feeling, the people around us only see what we want them to see (or what they want to see), unless we reached the point where we loose control.

This series of work is about creating a visual representation of the meeting of these two worlds, the inner self exposed and the outside world clashing, intruding and sometimes dominating the way we think and behave.