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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A "Sweded" Film

A new week and a new project. Once again we were in a group but this time we picked the members ourselves and there were no second years on hand to give us the benefit of their experience.

The group was restricted in size to a max' of six people and each group was randomly given a film title, our title....."Independence Day" Our project? To make a Sweded version of the film, just like in the film "Be Kind Rewind" - writer/director Michel Gondry - 2008

I think we were given a great film that gave us wide scope to experiment and have some fun.

We were all very familiar with the film and sat down to discuss the main scenes that we wanted to include in our cut down version, (2 min's is not that long), we had to careful with our scene choice so that would enabled the viewer to follow the story and still enjoy the "juicy" bits.

Story Board

We put together a story board with quick sketches of the scenes to be filmed and decided on a list of props, costumes and backdrops that we needed to get together before filming. Each member of the group assigned themselves to bring in most of things we needed. The budget required for outstanding items was vast.........about a £1 each and that got us a poster, a bag of sand and some fizzy sherbet flying saucers and we were ready to film.

The backdrop for the city scenes

And thanks to the help of Hazel,. Nick and the guys on the building site, we managed to get the scenes of destruction filmed (safely) and complete the film before the deadline.

Unfortunately there was some loss of quality during the upload, but I think the end result is still great and very funny.

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