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Friday, 23 October 2009


A great opportunity has come our way in Interactive arts.

There is a competition being run by the BBC, who is looking for new ideas for their CBEEBIES channel. The competition involves coming up with new ideas for the Web page, T.V channel and Radio programme, connected to CBEEBIES and is aimed at the 4-6 years of age group of children.

All those interested in taking part met with John Bidulph on Thursday 22/10/09 and he gave us the brief as outlined to him during his meeting at the BBC.

We were asked to take a good look at the CBEEBIES web site, its layout, appeal to the age group in question, the ease of navigation etc and compare this to sites of competitors.

Our ideas could involve images, sounds, layouts, concepts for new T.V programmes etc.

****These have to ne new ideas and not a re-vamp***

On the 24th of November there will be meeting with script writers, directors etc to speed pitch any ideas.

The final submission date is 11/12/09 and the competition will be judged in January.

In preperation for this I decided to carry out some research involving the ideal audience.

I have a four year old son attending a school close to where I live and I approached his teacher to as if she would be willing to ask the class a few questions connected to this project. The answer was a very happy yes and the following day I gave her a list of questions:

1) What do you like to watch on T.V ? (Cartoons, shows with puppets, shows with people etc.)
2) Do you use a computer and go on the internet? Which sites?
3) What games do you like play and what do you play with?
4) Can you draw a picture of a T.V character.

Well the answers are in and will be presented at the next meeting with John on Monday 26/10/09.


Based on the information I have gathered from my local school and the last 10 plus years watching my children, I have come with a concept for some new characters and basis for some new stories involving them.

No matter what they play with and watch on T.V the children always go back to the things they are most comfortable with and in my house (and many others I suspect), it is stuffed toys. Even the school send teddies home with the children so that they can have adventures together and make up stories etc, so this seemed like a great base to start from.

My youngest sons favourite thing is his "Blue Bear" and this is my starting point.

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