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Monday, 20 September 2010

Summer Project - Wearable Gallery Project

The project: We would like you to record, in whatever way you chose, the habits, customs, everyday things you notice in your new environment, (or down to the post office for the less adventurous). And compare them to your own home.

We would like you to produce a series of work using the information you glean. You will need to make your work transportable and become your own “Walking Art Gallery”.

Origami Dreams

We all have memories and dreams. Some are good and some are may be bad. I wanted to represent to extremes in my project and also capture how complex the images we generate in our mind can be and I chose to do this via Origami.

I chose vibrant colours to represent the positive thoughts and dreams and a common place everyday subject matter of a flower as my main image. To try and display how the mind can work, the good thoughts are represented using bright but plain paper and the bad using a dull but complicated paper, (they are in fact pictures of cracks in walls, maybe to signify stresses in life).

I have deliberately outnumbered the negative images with the positive, to create a more optimistic piece of work.

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