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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mary Greg - Queens Park

I was given the privilege of being allowed into a truly extraordinary place. It Is a building owned by Manchester Art Gallery and used to store just some of the things that they are not, or can not accommodate or display in their main building. However this should in no way devalue them as works of art or in anyway lesson how interesting they are, the opposite is probably true.

There is a very real Aladdin’s cave of curio’s and historical artefacts, that were the subject of one lady’s determination to preserve them for future generations to see and learn from and yet here they are, hidden and for the most part never seen by the general public.

There were draws full of a vast array of items that screamed “I’m old and full of history”, there were spoons, keys, wax seals, candle holders, little trinket boxes and extensive collection of furniture for doll’s houses. Merely listing them like this does them absolutely no justice at all, they need to be seen and read about and I recommend doing just that at the web site:


My attention however was drawn to the fantastic collection of doll’s houses, that undoubtedly were once lushly furnished with some of the items now hidden away in cabinets and draws for long term storage.

The project that I am working on involves a lot of “up-close” photography and this visit to Queens Park gave me the ideal opportunity to do something that I would otherwise struggle to achieve – get really up close to houses; take a peek through darkened windows and doors that were invitingly ajar; take close up view across roof tops and generally do things that in the real world, you could get in a lot of trouble for doing.

This is just a very small sample of the the pictures that I took that daym infact I came away wit over 90 shots, some of which I hope will end up on the Mary Greg blog or the Flickr page, I will update my blog as and when this happens. Also be sure to check out the Manchester Art Gallery site.

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