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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Summer Project 1 - Wish You Were Here? (Sept 2009)

We were given two projects to carry out during the summer holidays, the first being to produce a post card.
The guide lines given stated that the card could be essence of : An encounter, Ajourney, A secret, A place...etc.

We were asked to be inventive and allowed to interpret the term "card" as broadly as possible.

I chose to send a photograph taken in my own back garden. This was by no means becouse I thought this was the easy option. Photography is something I have a bit of a history with, but for whatever reasons I seem to have somewhat abandoned in recent years as a way of expressing myself and I want to change that.

This project was a great opportunity to get back on track.

I didn't embellish to much at ths point, I added one sentance on the back of the postcard:

"A council estate in Stockport"

I suppose I wanted to make a bit of a statement, maybe even a slightly political one? I am after from a council estate in Stockport and have infact spent most of my life living on one or another. The photograph combined with this statement were a way of challenging the preconceptions that many people have of a council estate, due to media coverage or lack of knowledge.

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